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jewelry of course)

Percy Veerance

Available at: and

A Family Saga Novel Trilogy

currently residing in my desk drawer

Books - An Animation Trilogy

coming soon to a theatre near you

(as soon as I learn how to animate)

FWE Publishing

Self-Publishing: not for the faint of heart

But FWE at last, FWE at last!

American Woman Toni Dockter

Born and raised in SoCal. Currently reside in NoCal (the better half of the state) with Twonky Zotz (the missing link and my better half). Attended college in Los Angeles (B.A. English) and Graduate School in the Wash. DC area (MBA). (Also went to summer school at a really cool university in Cambridge, MA.) No longer surfing. Too hard to paddle in a ball gown. When all is said and done, the plan is to have evolved into a Fuchsia Woman-ish combo of Mark Twain/Walt Disney (minus the cigars, snarkyness, and facial hair).