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Memoir – Chapter 3 – An Etymological and Psychological Predicament

Before I recount the Stockholm Syndrome situation, I have to shift into reverse chronologically in my story line. That’s the liberating quality about writing a memoir. You can write it any way you want. There’s no standard format. No MFA-approved guidelines. No how-to-get-it-published hard and fast rules. You can jump around time-wise and subject-wise willy […]


Memoir – Chapter 2 – The Cop at the Door

Twonkette here. Are you with me so far? (Favorite line from “Life in the Fast Lane.” Also like the line: “She was terminally pretty.” Note to girls: You will get over the notion of wanting to be that. However, it will take a while. Just don’t go into show business.) Back to the fast lane… […]