Arianna Huffington: 2nd FuchsiaWoman Award Recipient

One of my favorite internet sites is the Huffington Post because of its comprehensive coverage and commentary in a wide range of topics. Thanks to founder and blogger extraordinaire, Arianna Huffington, the Huff Post presents the most truthful version about what’s happening in America, IMHO. I look forward to reading it everyday. And when I have time, I actually do!

The Huff Post, more than any other web entity, does more to expose the perpetrators of the general malaise Americans are experiencing—sleazy politicians, federal agency buffoons, media morons, corporate bozos, and other assorted self-serving n’er-do-well fat-cat greed meister megalomaniacs who have turned America from a democracy to an oligarchy. (Whew! Try saying that fast three times.)

In the media, Arianna Huffington sticks her neck out. Maybe that makes it easier for her to yikkity-yak about the issues plaguing the nation. That’s a good thing. As a result to holding the people in power accountable for their actions, she makes America better and more livable for the majority of us serfs.

For these reasons, FWE Publishing is proud to announce Arianna Huffington as the second recipient of FuchsiaWoman Now Award.


Below is her cyber trophy. If I ever run into her, I’ll be sure to give her a coveted Beehive Hat (perhaps adorned with a blog or two) as a crowning accessory for her achievements. It’s value: priceless—to match the valuable service Ms. Huffington provides.

The first time I recall hearing about Arianna Huffington was in 1994 when her then-husband Michael, a CA Congressman, was running for the U.S. Senate. My sister showed me a magazine article on this couple. (I believe it was Vanity Fair.) My sister pointed to the full-page glossy colored photo of the smiling “happily-married” couple in all their rich yuppie glory and said, “She wears the pants in the family and he’s kinky. And she’s not wearing a bra.” Cracked me up.

In that election I voted for Dianne Feinstein. When in doubt, I always vote for a woman. (Can’t say, in her case, that that’s always a good thing.) Michael Huffington lost. I don’t know what happened to Mrs. Huffington afterward, other than the divorce. Later I started seeing her pop up on TV as a political pundit. She seemed different. Although she never struck me as a ‘girlfriend’s girlfriend’ type, I liked the way she thought.

I think Ms. Huffington evolved into her authenticity. (Probably true for most people.) In 2003 she ran for Governor against Arnold Schwarzzzz… in the “Recall Gray Davis” election. Even though she bowed out before voting day, I voted for her with enthusiasm.

I don’t know all of Ms. Huffington’s political views and if I did, I’m sure I wouldn’t agree with all of them. She is not winning this award because she’s more Democrat or more Republican like-minded—because frankly, I can’t stand either of those groups.

She’s winning it because she puts herself into the firing line of American politics and doesn’t blink. With her intelligence, hard-work ethic, a genuine sense of altruism, and the ability to work that web like no other, she keeps the Big Boys on their toes.

By her actions, she’s inspiring: She shows women that being assertive and ambitious is a positive thing. She is an example for all to stand up for what we believe in and provides a forum for us to do so. She has elevated blogging to a respectable form of journalism.

The world cannot have too many Fuchsia Women. To Ms. Huffington: Welcome to the Club!


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