Life and Death of Microvilli

Here we go again! Adding to the list from the last two blogs…

 FuchsiaWoman appears on the TV game show Jeopardy!

Mr. Trebek: “Fuchsia, you won the coin toss. You select first.”

“Thanks, Alex. Long-time viewer. First-time contestant. My fave category…I’ll take ‘Life in America’ for $500.”

Mr. Trebek to himself: Starting with the hardest answer first. Gutsy move. “Flying horses. Flying glass. Flying carp.”

Fuchsia: “What are things that can kill you?”

Mr. Trebek: “Co-rrect! Select again.”

An article in the recent issue of Discover Magazine (March 2012) reported on the troublesome over-population and weird behavior of silver carp in rivers and lakes in the Midwest. When startled by boats, the shiny carp will leap willy-nilly through the air—hundreds at a time in an unchoreographed dangerous fish ballet.

Sixty to seventy fish can leap into a boat within seconds—smack you in the head and body—and cover you with slime—as silver carps’ scales are coated with mucous. In the article fish researcher Duane Chapman says these carp “have a bit fishier smell to them…their feces are unusually runny and tend to run out and go everywhere when the fish jump in your boat. And the green color of the feces does not help.”

In 2004 a flying carp knocked a woman on a jet ski (near Peoria, IL) unconscious. She fell into the water and almost drowned.

Another method to add to the list of.


Fuchsia: “”Life in America’ for $400.”

Mr. Trebek: “The most common food eaten in the U.S. that will slowly kill you.”

Fuchsia: “What is wheat gluten?”

Mr. Trebek: “Co-rrect! (To himself, Death by pasta and biscuits? Who knew?”)


Yes, Alex, eating gluten can be deadly. Add it to the list.

The lethal effects are not an exaggeration—but a fact—as discussed in the book Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis.

If you’re wondering why your waistline is expanding and impervious to dieting and exercising, this is the book for you. With me I thought it was Frankie inviting his relatives over to hang out—indefinitely. That’s not the case.

The cause of the bulging belly fat and obesity epidemic in America is not a hormonal/medical/psychological/geriatrical issue.

It’s genealogy. The dietary kind. You are what you eat.

For thousands of years in the history of mankind, wheat was considered the “staff of life.” Due to human interference and messing with Mother Nature, wheat will now “stab your life.”

In his book Dr. Davis explains the genealogy of einkorn, the original variety of wheat cultivated around 3300 BC, containing 14 chromosomes. It’s offspring, emmer wheat, contained 28 chromosomes. Over time (1000+ years) emmer naturally mutated into a variety of wheat with 42 chromosomes, Triticum aestivum, which lasted until modern times.

Here’s the chaff that chafes our health: The hybridization of the wheat plant from 42 chromosomes into varieties with thousands.

The result: Not compatible with human digestion.

Dr. Davis discusses a wide range of deleterious effects of modern Frankenstein wheat. He calls it the “head-to-toe destruction of health,” such as producing:

* a glycemic index higher than potato chips or a candy bar

* an appetite stimulant effect

* heart disease and diabetes

* chronic fatigue

* brain fog and memory loss

* nausea and anemia

* depression and other neurological disorders

* digestive ailments

* an acceleration of the aging process

* vision loss

* hair loss

* very scary! skin conditions (see pages 183-84).

But wait, there’s more! Read the book.

Dr. Davis does NOT cover the physiological science behind the incompatibility factor of Frankenstein wheat and the human body. In a nutshell: It’s all about the villi.

Quick anatomy lesson: Food (protein/carbs/fat) is absorbed in the small intestine. The small intestine—essentially a long winding tube—is approximately 22 – 23 feet long. It’s longer than the large intestine, but has a smaller width.

The S.I. tube is lined with villi and microvilli, tiny cilia-type protrusions, where the actual absorption of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients from ingesting food takes place. The large number of villi increases by ten times the surface area of the S.I. to facilitate greater absorption.

The gluten protein in the Frankenstein wheat paralyzes the villi and microvilli in a process called “flattening.” No absorption equals no nutrients for the body.

The crux of the matter supporting the wheat gluten is deadly argument is how important you think nutrients are.

Do you think nutrients keep the body healthy? Help you live a longer life?

Are nutrients needed to prevent disease? Boost the immune system?

Do nutrients keep your bones strong? Your brain sharp?

Do nutrients keep body parts functioning better?

No matter how much food you shove into your mouth, if no nutrients are absorbed, the body thinks you are NOT eating. Consequently, the body stores fat so it doesn’t starve to death.

Wheat gluten = belly fat + physical and mental degradation

Could this be described as “slowly killing you?”

You do the math.


Fuchsia: “‘Life in America’ for $300.”

Mr. Trebek: “The subject most U.S. medical doctors are ignorant of.”

Fuchsia: “What is nutrition?”

Mr. Trebek: “Right. Select again.”

Fuchsia “‘Life’ for $200.”

Mr. Trebek: “She pitches comfort food that can kill you.”

Fuchsia: “Who is Paula Deen?”

Mr. Trebek: “But it’s so tasty! Go again.”

Fuchsia: “Let’s finish off the category.”

Mr. Trebek: “Politicians, doctors, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and food producers care more about this than ensuring good health and quality of life in America.”

Bob Harris: “What is football?”

Mr. Trebek: (chuckling) “Wrong.”

Ken Jennings: “What is self-interest?”

Mr. Trebek: “Close. But that’s not what we’re going for.” (To himself, I can’t believe Ken missed one!)


Fuchsia: “What is money?”

Mr. Trebek: “Co-rrect!”


If it’s about ‘Life in America,’ it’s always about the money.

Do yourself a favor. Spend yours on gluten-free food. Your health and your family’s health: worth every penny.





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  • Diane said:

    The love of money, is the root of ALL evil. Thanks to Fuschia Woman, I am close to being gluten free. Who knew that the whole wheat, yummy piece of toast would destroy your body. “Wheat Belly” is a sensational book for everyone to read. So many people are skeptical about the TRUTH and resist change. They wait until they have pain, ailments etc. I am all for PREVENTION. Do it before….eliminate gluten…there are problems.

    Thursday, March 1, 2012