The Bloody Sunday Truth: Irish = Innocent; British = Murderers

Well, well, well….looks like what the Irish have claimed for the last 38 years has finally come to light.

Yesterday the British Parliament released the Saville Report that unequivocally states that 14 unarmed Irish civilians were shot to death by the British Army on Sunday, January 30, 1972 in Derby, Northern Ireland. The British government and military complex slaughtered innocent people and then lied about it. Every last one of them—for 38 years—kept the deadly secret.

ALL WERE COWARDS who kept their mouths shut. There was NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON WITH INTERGRITY OR A MORAL BACKBONE in the entire British military complex. What a bunch of despicable human beings in that group!


It’s about time for the British government and military complex to hang their heads in shame over this deplorable incident.

It’s also time for the British government to GET IT that NO ONE wants to be part of your rule except for England, Scotland, and Wales (the last two of which must be wussy nations).

You have an arrogant history of aggression, imperialism, and violence perpetuated toward other people in countries not your own. Where do you get off?

You got your asses kick in the U.S.A., India, and South Africa because you did not belong there. It’s time for you to GET OUT OF IRELAND ENTIRELY ONCE AND FOR ALL.

But back to Bloody Sunday and the heinous crimes you (the British Army) committed against the Irish civil rights activists on that day—which was just one day in a long line of abominable treatment for hundreds of years. How do you justify this malodorous history of yours?

Here’s what I would like to see done:

First, Queen Lizzie needs to rescind the medals of honor she bestowed on the British Generals and officers who committed this unjustifiable massacre. Second, the British Army needs to issue a dishonorable discharge to any military person involved in the massacre and stop any pensions they might be receiving. Third, the British Parliament needs to indict the soldiers and officers and put them on trial for murder.

Fourth, Queen Liz needs to issue a personal apology to the Irish of Derby and the Irish in general. So does the head of the British Army. The apology from Prime Minister David Cameron was adequate from him—the “unjustified and unjustifiable” part was good—but overall not enough to compensate the families, friends, and community for their losses and the 38 years of disgracing their fellow activists as enemy combatants that shot first and deserved their consequences.

Lastly, Paul Greengrass’s film, Bloody Sunday, must be part of the British educational curriculum and shown to all British high school students so they have a better understanding of The Troubles from the Irish point of view. As one Army commander says in the film about controlling the Irish, “Let’s teach ’em ‘an effing lesson!” No, it is the British who have learned a lesson in human rights and human decency.

Do you say “Congratulations” to the Irish for finally being vindicated by the Saville Report? That sounds so inconsequential. But at the least now history has been changed to reveal the truth.


To my adopted peeps, the Irish, I am so happy the British finally owned up to their atrocities. To you all: Peace.

Here’s a terrific news report about the friends and family of  the Bloody Sunday victims as they recreate the same march the activists walked that day:

Three-year-old grandniece of Jim Wray holds a sign in a Londonderry celebration proclaiming the innocence of activists killed on Bloody Sunday. (June 15, 2010, Northern Ireland. Photo by Jim Faith.)

P.S. Speaking of Paul Greengrass’s film, I rewatched it last night after I had heard about the British report. This movie is phenomenal. And being so, I will blog about it separately.

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