Greetings of the Season from Fuchsia Woman and Friends


“Have yourself a bobbydazzler holiday!” says Percy Veerance, an eleven-year-old boy wonder, because he is always wondering.

“Ruff,” says Dilly, faithful dog who agrees with Percy no matter what.


“Enjoy my holidays cookies,” says Vera Veerance, Percy’s mother and V.C.S. (Vegetable Cuisine Specialist). “They’re called Yuletide Surprise, because you never know what’s in them. This batch is made from spinach, beets, and okra. Don’t you just love the colors?”

“Holidays or not—eat your vegetables. But not the mistletoe,” says Vance Veerance, Percy’s father, the vegetable farmer.


“Salubrious Salutations and have yourself a merry life YOU want to have,” says Fuchsia Woman.

“Have a fun holiday season. Or hide out with me at my house and ignore it altogether,” says Toni.

And lastly from my brother, a holiday email titled: Free Your Inner Psychic!

“Trying to wake up my IP. Hmmm…sensitizing/tuning to present shared consciousness frequency…from common source to individualized human personalities…with/through unique expression/experience…for maintaining communication to allow exploration of creative potential of family relationships…

Bound to get some kind of reaction!”

I have to ask my bro if I can borrow that message for my Christmas cards next year.

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