Thank You Jon Stewart For Caring About America

Happy Halloween to one of the scariest men in AmericaJon Stewart. He has the ability to scare the beejeezus out of TPTB because:

1. His influence causes media conglomerates to fear his rally.

 2. His popularity entices political “leaders” into appearing on his show for coolness points.

3.  He’s entertaining enough to earn a huge adoring audience;.

 4.  He’s appreciated enough to draw a crowd of 100,000+.

5.  He’s NOT a part of a political party or a religious group.


Jon Stewart of the Daily Show (along with Stephen Colbert) staged a humdinger of a rally on the Capitol Mall in Washington, D.C. to bring America back to Americans!

Neither the media nor politicos are a match for Mr. Stewart—who has satire, humor, visibility, and evenhandedness on his side. Congrats on the “Rally to Restore Sanity” yesterday in Washington and pointing out that the masses are SICK OF WHAT’S HAPPENING IN AMERICA.

The status quo in the U.S. is no longer working for average Americans. Thanks to Mr. Stewart for trying to stamp out the insanity, inanity, and banality that is running the show—and trying to keep our government and MSM more honest and transparent.

Unlike “Hot Air BlowBama”—who had a chance but ‘blew’ it—Mr. Stewart now inspires HOPE that WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT making America more favorable to the 98% least-richest people.

Out with the insane. In with the sane. Sanity is a beautiful thing! Does that include another Revolution?

If so, sign me up.

Comic by Nick Anderson.

Hardly. Humor is ALWAYS employable as it is ALWAYS necessary.

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