California Wackiness – Politics as Usual

Random Jambalaya – Part 3

Wacky things are happening in California…what else is new?

Last week a debate among the three candidates for the Republican nomination for the US Senate was held. The moderator asked each one:

“Should a person who is listed on the federal government’s No-Fly List be allowed to purchase guns?”

Carly Fiorina: “Yes.”

Chuck DeVore: “Yes.”

Tom Campbell: “NO!”

To Fiorina and DeVore: What’s more important? The rights of suspected/possible enemies of the US to exercise the 2nd Amendment – OR – the SECURITY OF ALL AMERICANS?

Mr. Campbell had the correct answer. But that doesn’t mean I’m voting for him. In 2000 he ran against DiFi for the US Senate (and lost badly). One night during that campaign he was yikkety-yakking on a radio show and I called in to ask him whether he supported clemency for Leonard Peltier. (At the time, Pres. Clinton was considering it.) Mr. Campbell replied that he didn’t know who Leonard was. Yeah, right.

Just proves my theory: Politician = Liar.

(Later the San Jose Mercury News called Campbell “too moderate” to be a Republican. And Sarah Palin endorsed Fiorina. Can’t be good for either candidate, can it?)


Speaking of debates, in the CA Gubernatorial one starring Steve Poizner vs. Meg Whitman, it was a David vs. Goliath match-up, i.e. millions of $$ in personal wealth vs. billion$$; substance vs. sound bites; the little guy (68 inches) vs. the “amazon” (72 inches); and the little guy won.

Poizner made more sense. I liked his no-nonsense demeanor better than Meg’s flash-n-dash. Poizner seemed more prepared. Meg totally whiffed the question, “How can you with all your wealth relate to the average person?” Answer: She can’t. She fumbled. But what else is going to do with herself?

She can’t hang around her pals at Goldman Sachs any more. Maybe spend more time with a better hairdresser?


Also last week on Cinqo de Mayo at a high school near where I work in Morgan Hill, CA, four boys were told by the assistant principal that they couldn’t wear their t-shirts, which were “emblazoned with the American flag.” (They were told to turn the shirts inside out or go home.)

Since when is the America flag considered offensive in America? Yeesh…

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