Fuchsia’s Fashion Corner

Question: Can one have too many floral shoes? Hmmm…

Answer: Oh, don’t be silly. One can NEVER have too many shoes of any kind—floral, plaid, polka-dot, paisley, striped, black, purple, turquoise, fuchsia, or any other color or print. So of course, the answer is nope.

I collect floral pumps. I look at them more than I wear them. But if I ever get the opportunity to attend a fancy garden party, I’m ready.

Here’s a peek inside Fuchsia Woman’s closet:

Casadei satin floral print shoes


Ann Klein floral D’orsay style heels


Gold Mary Jane pumps by Halle Bob


J. Renee floral pumps with jeweled toe clip


Manolo Blahnik floral brocade mules with gold metal heel


Pink and black floral Guess shoes with four-inch heels, which are unwearable for two minutes or less.


Bright floral printed BCBGirl pumps


Floral lace round-toe pumps by Bandolino


More unwearable Guess shoes. Cute but painful!


Question #2: What would one wear with such floral pumps?

Answer: Glad you asked! Fuchsia prefers vintage dresses from “The New Look” era.

This phrase refers to the elegant clothing style ushered in by Christian Dior after World War II, usually from 1947 through 1964.

According to the book, Christian Dior, by Richard Martin and Harold Koda (published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1996):

“Christian Dior’s first collection was titled ‘Corolle,’ denoting its flower-like silhouettes…Never before and never since has fashion so definitively and so aptly described a time….


…Dior offered not merely a new look but also a new faith. His first collection and those of the succeeding decade purveyed fashion in denotation of the feminine and the opulent.”


Don’t you just love feminine and opulent at the same time?

Here are my outfits. I hope Monsieur Dior would have exclaimed, Très magnifique!”



1950s vintage dress.

Ceil Chapman style vintage dress with draping and ruching. Love this dress!

1940s black illusion dress with peplum skirt.


  • Georgene Lockwood said:

    You must have the most exciting closet on earth! However, better you than me on the high heels. Gave those up long ago. But I sure do like looking at ’em. Gorgeous!

    Tuesday, March 26, 2013
  • Diane Stipp said:

    How did I miss this ???? Fabulous shoes !!!! I always take a spare pair of shoes to wear when the shoes become painful. I have found that a thicker heel distributes the weight of the body….therefore wearable longer.

    Thursday, March 28, 2013
  • Lauriceperry said:

    Beautiful shoes and dresses – but you’ve always had excellent taste my dear!

    Tuesday, April 23, 2013