Cartoonist Hugh MacLeod’s Contest: Pick Me!

A few weeks ago Hugh MacLeod of announced a contest to write a caption to one of his daily cartoons. If interested, you were supposed to reply to Hugh’s Art Gallery with an email about “your burning desire” to supply the text for a drawing.

As a BIG fan (and a writer!), I thought this would be a fun contest to enter. I enter lots of writing contests. You win some. You lose some.

I think I lost this one. And maybe everyone else did as well? The winning caption writer was supposed to write the text to last Friday’s cartoon (and subsequent Fridays, too). Didn’t happen. I guess no one impressed Hugh’s staff with his/her “burning desire.”

Here’s the email I sent. It reminds me of a Meredith Grey moment: “Pick me! Pick me!” Didn’t work. Oh well. There’s always another contest…

Dear Hugh’s People:

Oh my gosh!

When I read about the contest I was so excited I fell out my chair. I just got up off the floor. Boy does my head hurt. Hey, what day is it?

Here’s my response to your email:

Hugh doesn’t know it (and probably nor do his parents) BUT I am his older TWIN SISTER. We were separated at birth. He got the looks and brains. I got a C- in Home Ec.

OR if you’re not buying that story—my Mom found some of Hugh’s gray matter and shoved it into my brain through my left ear—which she said was better than a Q-tip to clean out the cobwebs. Huh? (She’s a crafty woman.)

Ever since I read Ignore Everybody I knew I had found my doppelgänger. I give this book to friends/family/associates as a gift more than To Kill A Mockingbird. (It’s a quicker read.) If these recipients don’t get Hugh’s book, I cast them aside like politicians do with their moral backbone as soon as they get elected. (It’s that fast and it’s ugly.)

I’ve written plenty about Hugh. Here’s a book report:

I believe I profess my undying love in this one:

Here I quote Hugh:

Here I plug Book #2 (and could you please HURRY and get that thing to pronto!):

More on Hugh:

More on Hugh:

Here’s a mention about the ‘teamwork concept and organizational goals at work’ cartoon:

I swear I was thinking of moving to Miami so I could participate in one of Hugh’s Technical/Artistic/Creativity Soirées. Carl Hiaasen said that Florida has the lowest bar of acceptance for social behavior, so I figure I’d get along great there. Now, if I could just persuade Nurse Ratched to let me out of my room for a few days…


In the meantime, I’d love to have whack at writing a caption to a Hugh cartoon. I’ve got my own pencil. (But don’t tell the staff. They’re the crazy ones around here.)


Your older twin

Here’s a caption:


People who work for themselves. They can't afford a hair stylist, but at least they're not starving!

OK–needs some oomph. Workin’ on it…

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