Writing for Shoes – A Snazzy Way to Increase Productivity

Do not let it be said that writing in obscurity has no rewards.

Write on and walk on in new shoes.

Today is my 450th blog, which means that another semicentennial milestone has been reached. When fifty blogs have been posted, something miraculous happens at my house: shoes fall from heaven!

The Celestial Shoe Reward Committee (who I think have a divine connection to Amazon.com) must have been in a particularly generous mood this time as they dropped forth not one—but two—pairs of boots. Both cool. Both stylish. Both comfy. What more could a girl want? OK, maybe three pairs, so better write more.

For your ogling pleasure, here’s Pair # 1 by Beverly Feldman.

The “Base Boot” by Beverly Feldman, comes in black and brown and runs true to size.

Flattering almond-shaped toe.

The boots are hand-stitched in Spain with the embroidered flowers and butterflies colored in pale gray and purple hues. The one-inch heels makes them a breeze to walk in all day.

These boots are pretty as a picture!

They look like they belong in a garden. So does the shoe box they come in.

I would like a dress made out of this print.

Pair #2 is by ZiGiny:

The “Trixi” boot by ZiGiny comes in black, brown, and tan. This brand runs small. Order a full size larger.

The Victorian styling with the Celtic kiltie detail is a nice touch. The 3/4 inch heels are as comfy as a slipper. The side zipper makes them easy to slip on and off without undoing the laces.

I’ve added a pair of vintage Musi shoe clips for even more pizazz.

Last words of writing advice: Never underestimate the motivation factor of a new pair of shoes.

P.S. Note to the Celestial Shoe Reward Committee: Have you seen the Clic Clac booties by Christian Louboutin? Perhaps for Blog #500? Doesn’t hurt to ask…

The Clic Clac shoes are so spectacular I could weep…

The Louboutin Clic Clac lace ankle booties are a work of art.



  • diane heine stipp said:

    Nice shoe choices. I totally love the clic clac shoes. The black ones would look sensational with my Reuion dress !!!!

    Saturday, March 5, 2011
  • Hi Diane,

    And they cost ONLY $1,300! Bootleg versions are all over the Internet for around $200. (But I don’t believe in counterfeit products.)
    Check out the new photo above. Here are Hollywood ladies wearing the shoesm. What does your dress look like? Frou-frou? Minimalist? Va-va-va-voom?

    Sunday, March 6, 2011