FW - Fuchsia Woman is a state of mind and action.
For instance, if you’ve done just one bold thing in your life – you’re a FW.

FW - Or If you like to participate in life other than just breathing.
FW - Or If you have ever displayed pizzazz, joie de vivre, spunk, or style.
FW - Or If you like to dream, believe dreams do come true, and do something to make those dreams a reality.
FW - Or If you show enthusiasm for anything; practice the art of encouraging others; refuse to dim your light.
FW - Or If you have ever gone against the grain, avoided conforming, or took the road less traveled.
FW - Or You’ve ever wondered why the heck you were put on this planet.
FW - Or Don’t mind aging as long as the extra years mean extra maturity, wisdom, acceptance, and cool shoes.
FW - Or For a day or two (or three?), wouldn’t mind being the Girl from Ipanema, the Brown-Eyed Girl, the Twentieth Century Fox, Michelle, Layla, or Rosalita

If you have no interest in reading the above stuff but instead think, “I am who I am and that’s that and that’s good enough,” you’re a FW.

FW - Dancing Bees

FW - What’s with fuchsia?
Just like the color. (And it’s a way better name for a character than ecru, puce, or cyan.)

FW - What do you say to people who tell you fuchsia is too hard to spell?
FW - FuchsiaThe fuchsia flower was named after Leonhart Fuchs, a 16th century German botanist and physician, so it’s Dr. Fuch’s problem.

FW - What's with the pansies?
FW - PansiesPansy flowers are thought to resemble a human face. The word pansy is derived from the French words penser (to think) and pensée (thought); so pansies represent people thinking. In addition, pansy blossom juice was used as a love potion in Shakespeare’s time — inducing people to think about love in particular.

FW - What’s with the beehive and bees?

FW - BeehiveThe beehive is an addition to FW’s body. Since she is so full of it (passion, thoughts, philosophies, dreams, kookiness, etc.) the beehive serves as a secondary storage unit. The bees represent ideas that buzz around FW’s brain — and they like to dance, too.