No Halloween at my House

I’ve never really liked Halloween. I’m not in to dressing up and being something I’m not. I don’t like anything scary or spooky. I don’t like witches, ghosts, vampires, skeletons, monsters, or goblins.I don’t care for an orange and black color scheme (except for the SF Giants).

But as a kid (and the daughter of a dentist), I LOVED the candy part. That was enough to get me out of the house every year—scary stuff or not. When I was allowed to go trick-or-treating without supervision, I used to hide some of my loot in the bushes next to my house (to retrieve at a later time). I knew the anti-sugar police would nab my candy sack as soon as I got home.

I don’t celebrate Halloween myself, but I like the Trick-or-Treaters to come to my door—seeing their costumes and giving them a handful of a variety of candy bars. (I know what it’s like to be candy deprived!)

Unfortunately my neighborhood is Trick-Or-Treater challenged. In the last decade, the most kids we’ve gotten in one night is TEN. We had a few years with ZERO. Tonight it’s been THREE so far. (I think that might be it. They were a trio of clowns — very cute.)

What’s the problem? It’s not that there aren’t plenty of kids in my area. I think it’s because my street is one long up-hill winding climb. I think the steepness discourages kids (or maybe their parents?) from exerting themselves. The exercise isn’t worth the reward?

Oh well. That’s just more candy for me—which usually takes until Easter to eat it all.

A few months ago new people moved in down the street. I haven’t met them (I’m not particularly neighborly!) but they seem nice. They decorated their house for Halloween. Here are some of their decorations. I hope they aren’t disappointed when they get very little business.

Halloween decorations are scary!

This guy musta had a really bad day.

The guy could use some of my candy bars.

I like the American flag with the Halloween decorations. Very cool.

Maybe I should get to know this neighbor?

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